W35008  Land Cruiser military pattern tyres

TR35008 3D printed fully workable tracks for ICM KHD S3000 SS Maultier

35180  U.S. field made snow plow for Kettenkraftrad

AVM35023 SCR-510/610 U.S. radio set - 3D printed + p.e. set

AVM35093 SCR-510/610 U.S. radio set for U.S. Haltracks - 3D printed + p.e. set

AVC35006 Bare metal parts for civilian jeep

AVC35007 Bare metal jerrycan holders

VCD35001 Opel kadett K38 detail set (civilian)

VCD35002 Opel Olimpya OL37 detail set (civilian)

GM35022 SCR-510/620 U.S. WWII radio (3D printed + pe) + Stowage rack for WWII Jeep

GM35023 Armoured U.S. WWII Jeep + SCR-510/620 radio set (3D printed + pe)

GM35024 Ligth armoured Jeep with radio (3D printed) and stowage rack

GM35025 Light armoured US recon WWII Jeep with radio (3D printed) and stowage rack